Amo Odisha

A Special dedication to Odisha People and Odisha culture.


                     When I was in studies I thought this life is there today it may not avail tomorrow. But I got this life from the Odisha Maa and I should do something for her. Then I don't know I got interested in internet and Search some information about Odisha but very rarely I was some information about odisha. So I thought I should do some site where I will get information about "ଆମ ଓଡିଶା" (Amo Odisha).

So that is the start point of "ଆମ ଓଡିଶା" (Amo Odisha). So still I have to do many things for this but now its just a new born baby.


Subhashree Sahoo

-Owner & CEO & MD Amo Odisha.